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Simple and Actionable Personal Finance Course. (Specifically for Malaysians) by DUEET

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Simple and Actionable Personal Finance for Malaysians

Manage and Grow Your Money with Less Stress and Better Control

After this course, you will:

  • Understand personal finance specifically IN Malaysia
  • Be less stressed about your financial situation
  • Control your finances MUCH better
  • Able to talk about personal finance knowledgably
  • Understand the key ratios or formulas surrounding personal finance

Save time

One thing you will realise when you join is that the course is short. That is because it was designed that way. We know you’re very busy so we packed the MOST important info when you follow the course.

Database of Frequently Asked Questions

But if you want more than the course - as we know enthusiastic personal finance students do, we have a database full of frequently asked questions. AND the database is continuously being added as long as you’re with us.

Easily Understand Information on Finance

When you read finance articles, there are so many confusing words. All the jargons and complex words.

We also realise that many courses out there use difficult to understand words and complicated theories. So, we simplify finance for you so you will not be confused with all the jargon and unnecessary use of the words.

Get Credit to Ask Specific Questions Related to You

But what if you have questions that are not in the course AND not in the database?

That’s the awesome thing. Each member will have the ability to ask one question per week for us.

This is a special area where each member will have one credit each per week. It’s VERY VALUABLE as you can ask us very specific questions. So make sure you check the database and the course first!

Join the Exclusive and Responsive Community

Be a part of the community of personal finance learners and get the latest news. Also, you’ll get an analysis on how you should go about it based on your own unique positions in life.

Get Templates to Help Your Personal Finance Journey

We have created templates for you and MORE will be created.

What you will get:

  • Monthly budget template
  • Cashflow tool and how to analyse
  • Budget vs actual template

Our Promise

We want to give the best to all of you. And many of you agree that Dueet has been helpful.

Look at that beautiful percentage.

And we will continue to give the best we can.

Important Clarification

Now, we want to be upfront. We don’t want to mislead anyone who buys this.

So, here if you’re looking to learn how to trade or how to invest in individual stocks, this is NOT for you.

In this course, we’re looking to invest in funds where risks are ALREADY MINIMISED. Also, we do NOT want to add more busy time to your already busy day. This is important for many of us since we don’t have the expertise of measuring risks of stocks.

Bonus: Side Hustle Money

Initially, you have to pay for this part of the course. But we added this part as a BONUS because all of you, Dueeters, requested for it.

And because we want to give you as much value in this course, we will give it as bonus!

We know many of you have a job but you need to earn some extra money.

The best way is to have a SIDE HUSTLE so that you can earn extra money.

We will show you ways to earn some extra cash per month so that you will be much closer to your money goals.

Constantly Updated Annual Subscription

You will get updated information frequently. So, if there is any useless information, we will throw it away! And that’s why the course is an annual subscription.

Every year, there will be new things to guide you to your money goals.

So, if you can’t save time, save money or increase money, it’s not good and you won’t find it here. Only useful information for you.

Six Months Money Back Guarantee

We believe the price is already low but we know some of you may be afraid with all scammy things sold online.

So, we want to give you a guarantee:

If you can’t make more money than how much you paid for this course after 6 months of taking the course, we will refund the price you paid for the course. 

Yeah, we GUARANTEE you’ll make money to cover this course within the first 6 months or your money back!

So, as long as you follow the course, you’ll do well and make more than how much you paid for the course!

Limited Number of Spots

The actual price will be around RM99. But, because it is an early bird price, the price is around RM60 (or USD15) for now.

The price is only available to the first 40 people and will increase after this. So, if you want to get it at an early bird pricing, join us now!

Also, any future subscriptions to this page will remain at this price. We will freeze it here and you will have the discount forever!

You won’t get this price again as this is a pre-sell so don’t wait! :)


Q: Why is this in USD?

A: We are new so we will use this platform for the time being. But we aim to ensure the price will be RM59 in the future.

Q: Will I get the course immediately?

A: This is currently a pre-sell to measure demand. We will be releasing the course on 15 February 2021. We can't wait to help you in your money journey.

Q: Are you a financial consultant or certified financial planner?

A: No, I'm not but I am a chartered accountant and have been learning and devouring personal finance books for a while. 

Q: Where can I ask more questions?

A: DM us any of your questions at https://www.instagram.com/dueetmy/ :)



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Simple and Actionable Personal Finance Course. (Specifically for Malaysians) by DUEET

2 ratings